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Butram System Engineering is made up of professional people who have grown up and older throughout the computer revolution learning and relearning their trade. Folks who thrive on challenges and are not content with a 9 to 5 world of making paychecks, they want to make a difference. With the perspective of age comes the realization that people need simple yet effective solutions to their business problems, and those solutions are our stock in trade.

Database Design and Development
Databases Oracle or DB2? We have experienced people in design, administration and application development. We've worked on many diverse systems from small databases to data warehousing applications and can apply our hard won knowledge to solve your special problems.

Customized Accounting Systems
Commodities Accounting We have worked with many businesses and have done everything from augmenting their accounting software (such as JD Edwards) to creating a complete system. Don Butram, the owner, comes from an accounting background and the culture of our group is making good things happen for our customers. Check here for the types of businesses we have worked. Do you have special problems we can solve?

Customer Relationship Management
Communications PageWith the proliferation of manufacturers it is easy to end up with two systems in your company which won't communicate. At one time that may have been acceptable, but in today's business climate the keyword is integration. You need a complete picture of all your customer information or you can't compete. Our years of experience, growing and evolving with the information revolution gives us a unique skill set. Time after time we have saved expensive acquisitions by creating innovative solutions to move data between different electronic devices. For example, your PC or UNIX system can share data with your IBM Midrange system.

Our People
Personnel Page Personnel Page We don't hire temps. Click on this link for short bios of our personnel. We have four programmers with an accumulated total of over 80 yrs of experience in all kinds of computing environments. Our business is built on our quality programmers. Check out their resumes here.

We need more customers. Our problem is that we are always working ourselves out of a job. We see about 2/3 of our customers once or twice a year (for backups which are very important!) The rest of the time their systems run with no help or 'maintenance' from us. We're always there to help, but after a while the only time they call us is if something changes. Is that true in
your business?  

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