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David Wagnon

Schizo-Boy While working for Don I never know whether I'm coming or going. He's had me program on IBMs with RPG, on Percons (hand held computers) in PPG, on wedges for scanners and on the internet in HTML. I never know what's next, just never a dull moment.


I program in several languages, from Assembler to Java, from SQL to C++ with several stops in between. This comes in handy when Don has one of his brain storms which usually means an interesting puzzle to solve. Of course a lot of our time is spent in RPG. Since RPG predates COBOL, and I thought COBOL was extinct, it's a flash back to the days when we punched cards for mainframes.


These days I'm adjusting to life in Little Rock. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of things to do. I have especially enjoyed the live music which is so prevalent. I've joined the Arkansas Jazz Heritage Foundation and spend my Monday night's at the Afterthought listening to jazz. The quality of the local musicians is astounding!

Unix operating system
Unix scripts
File structures and hierarchy
Word, WordPerfect, Wordstar, Lotus, Excel, Windows, WindowsNT (trainer for office)
C, C++
HTML, Java
BS Physics (minor in mathematics) UALR
Detonation Physicist, USAF----16 yrs
Welder, Self Employed----2 yrs
Programmer------3 yr

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