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Quality Southern Hardwoods

Vast Inventory of Oak, Ash and other Premium Hardwoods ATI/Beirne: One of the Largest Hardwood Producers in the World.

Located in a prime, Southern hardwood region and equipped with modern mill machinery, ATI’s Beirne facility is one of the largest producers of quality hardwoods in the world.

Within reach of the fertile bottomlands of the Little Missouri, Ouachita (“Wa-she-taw”) and Saline rivers – an area with excellent drainage that regularly produces some of the finest oak and ash in the country – ATI/Beirne turns out over 40 million board feet of top quality hardwood lumber each year.

Quality at Every Step

Each step of ATI/Beirne’s production process is aimed at achieving the highest quality hardwood lumber from grade logs.

Quality Assured at Every Step Since the highest grade logs come from the surrounding river bottoms, which can only be logged during late summer and fall, the mill regularly stores over 10 million feet of hardwood logs on its concrete log yard. ATI also operates satellite log storage facilities in Winnfield, Louisiana, Hillester, Texas and Rockport, Arkansas. With this huge storage capability, ATI/Beirne has a record of dependibility for year-round production of quality hardwood products few can match.

From the log yard, wood is brought into ATI/Beirne’s modern mill complex. The sawmill consists of a computerized headrig and a quad band which is fed by a newly installed, optimized and computerized maxi-mill. This design positions each log to ensure maximum utilization of fiber before feeding the center cant to a computer-optimized thin-kerf gang saw. This permits exceptional flexibility and high production volumes.

After separation by grade and species, the high quality oaks are placed into a 1.75 million board foot pre-dryer. The wood is protected and pre-dried to ensure consistent, bright, even drying prior to being loaded into one of twelve modern dry kilns.

Recently, ATI/Fordyce, a satellite concentration and drying facility, added a 500 thousand board foot pre-dryer and three modern dry kilns to Beirne’s capacity.

Premium Hardwoods for All Applications A Wide Varity of Hardwood Products

In addition to producing kiln-dried, high quality oak and ash lumber, utilized primarily in the moulding, cabinet and furniture industries, ATI provides custom surfacing and a wide variety of other hardwood products. ATI/Beirne regularly produces lumber for oak flooring, frame stock, pallet material, gum and other miscellaneous hardwoods, and has the capability of producing large volumes of cross-ties and timbers of various sizes. While much of the hardwood produced at Beirne is 4/4 lumber, a substantial volume of 5/4 is also produced, and the mill can cut special products on demand.

Fast Service When You Need It Most Faster and Better Service

Because of ATI/Beirne’s flexibility and its large pre-dryer, a customer’s special order can go from rough log to kiln-dried and surfaced product in less than 45 days – regardless of the time of year!

With such flexibility and high production volumes, ATI/Beirne has become one of the world’s largest suppliers of quality hardwood lumber.

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