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A Message From the President of ATI

Mr. John E. Anthony, President

Thank you for your interest in our Company. As you browse through this web site, you’ll find Anthony Timberlands, Inc. (ATI) has much to offer your wood products-related business.

From the beginning of Mr. Garland Anthony’s lumber operations in 1907, he and his partners eventually operated many mills, acquiring timberlands which became the foundation for today’s Anthony Timberlands, Inc. From our headquarters in Bearden, Arkansas - only three miles from the location of the original mill - ATI owns and manages sawmills, timberlands and other wood products businesses across south Arkansas.

Though Mr. Garland died in 1982, at the age of 97, his spirit lives on in his sons, daughters, grandsons, and even one great grandson who make up the management of ATI. Indeed, my grandchildren make the seventh generation to work and live in these forests.

We’re timber people. We know the business well. We have assembled a team of experts in forest management, production, marketing and other necessary facets of our industry to enable us to offer you the highest quality untreated or treated pine and hardwood lumber at competitive prices. However, the principles guiding our company are different from most other forest product manufacturers. The owners and managers of ATI live and work on the land where we grow, harvest and manufacture our forest products. We live and are active in the communities where our plants are located. We not only know the forest, we know the people who draw from it their livelihood.

We believe the seven generations of heritage invested in our lands, plants and communities require a higher standard than simply operating for a profit. Each succeeding generation is challenged to leave a better forest and a better company than when they arrived.

To accomplish this means that we must make sure and protect the forest base, fully utilizing the product of the land by converting this valuable yet renewing resource into its highest and best use. Nothing grieves us more than seeing high quality trees turned into low quality products, or seeing fine timber processed over obsolete equipment using little or poor technology, yielding inferior or mis-manufactured products and excessive waste. Thus, our commitment is to use state-of-the-art technology and equipment at all locations.

My grandfather made the Anthony name synonymous with quality wood products. At ATI, we’re dedicated to not only preserving, but also building upon and expanding this tradition of excellence into the future.

Mr. John E. Anthony, President
John E. Anthony, President
Anthony Timberlands, Inc.

Garland Anthony and Elbert Thrower

Garland Anthony, founder of Anthony Timberlands, Inc.

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