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Managing Timberland for Maximum Benefits

Timber Management by Professionals Improving your Investment
Timber ownership is like any business: You get out of it what you put into it. Our goal is to make every acre we manage achieve its highest and best use through skilled, efficient handling.

Maximum Benefit Management
Our staff of 15 graduate foresters manages over a quarter of a million acres of prime timberland according to each parcel’s greatest potential.

We believe strongly in the “multiple use concept” through which land is managed to achieve several different and desirable goals simultaneously: timber growth, wildlife habitat, scenic and recreational quality and protection of the watershed. This means ATI is not simply a pine management company. Though much of our land is best suited for pine, we also manage creek and river bottom lowlands to maximize production of high grade hardwoods, primarily red oak, white oak and ash.

Timber Management, Lay of the Land Achieving quality naturally
Wherever possible, ATI employs “uneven aged” or “all age “ forest management. With this approach, the timber on a given tract ranges from small naturally regenerated seedlings to mature pine or hardwood sawtimber.

The “uneven age” system is preferable for most tracts because it continually yields large, high quality timber with good density and clear wood - precisely what is needed to produce premium grade lumber the market demands. This fits the needs of most private landowners who value environmental factors as well as a fair return on investment with a harvest rotation of every 6 to 8 years.

Managing for Sustainablilty
Recently, many companies have jumped on the sustainable forest bandwagon, a practice virtually pioneered in Arkansas by ATI. Mr. Garland Anthony was one of the first to practice sustainability in forestry in the 1920s. He observed clearcuts where all the trees-old and young, large and small - were being harvested together. He directed his crew to discontinue the practice. “Save the small trees. Let them grow. They’ll be bigger and better when we return.” Today they are the source of our premium products. This practice, although refined, remains the cornerstone of our management policy.

Timber Management, Natural Forests Technological Proficiency
While we prefer natural regeneration by select cuts and “all age” management, situations arise that call for other management methods. In those cases, we use prescribed burning, chemicals or “even age” cutting of those tracts suitable for future “uneven age” management.

Our professional foresters make decisions and implement them with the help of a large staff of forestry technicians, surveyors and line maintenance personnel. Our department of timber management is supervised by an ATI vice president with years of technical expertise and experience, a man whose family has lived and worked in the woods of South Arkansas for generations.

Your Timber Management Team
Sustainable timber management is the key to the success of any wood products-related enterprise. With almost 100 years of experience in the field, ATI provides the service efficiently and economically.

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