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Quality Southern Pine Boards, Decking, Timbers, Framing Dimension and Export Lumber

Premium Specialty Products

ATI/Bearden – A High Volume Producer of Quality Products

The Volume You Need. The Special Handling You Require In the heart of one of the finest Southern Yellow Pine areas in the world, ATI/Bearden is the flagship mill of Anthony Timberlands, Inc.

With the original plant coming on line in 1946, ATI/Bearden has been on the leading edge of technological change. Today, it is one of the most modern mills in the country, with modernization and modification projects a never-ending effort.

Quality Control at Every Step Productivity, Flexibility, Quality

By computerizing most processes, the mill efficiently converts the highest quality raw materials into a range of domestic and export products while achieving maximum recovery from the valuable timber resource. ATI/Bearden’s flexibility enables the mill to quickly adjust to market conditions and accommodate special orders.

With a two-shift capacity of over 130 million board feet/year, Bearden’s sawmill is equipped with two band headrigs, a twin band re-saw and an adjoining small log processing complex featuring a quad band sharpchain feeding a curve sawing gang. This layout promotes high volume production and flexibility to produce a wide range of products – all using state-of-the-art technology.

For example, ATI/Bearden produces standard framing dimension from 8’ to 20’ in length, 4/4 boards in various widths, 5/4 radius-edged decking, plus export quality 7/4, 8/4, 10/4 and 12/4 as well as large and small timbers – green, kiln-dried, rough or S4S.

From sawmill to shipping, the processed lumber is subject to extensive quality control measures. This begins with stringent log quality standards followed by computer-driven scanners and optimizers for our headrigs and remanufacturing equipment.

Lumber is directed to one of the largest sorters in the industry, followed by state-of-the-art, multi-zone dry kilns with computer programmed and controlled drying schedules that produce uniformly dried lumber with fewer checks and splits. This leads to modern high-tech planer and sorter systems before packaging and, if appropriate, paper wrapping.

Worldwide Export Available Export Excellence

The exceptionally large, high-grade timber available to ATI/Bearden is ideal for the mill’s production of large volumes of export-grade Southern Yellow Pine in a variety of sizes.

ATI/Bearden – Your Source for Quality Southern Pine

With dry storage capacity of almost 10 million board feet, ATI/Bearden maintains a shipping inventory large enough to fill virtually any order. Plus, our computerized production capability enables us to produce special orders within a few days – sometimes, even hours.

ATI/Malvern –A Producer of Premium Speciality Products

Malvern is also a pure pine operation, but the product mix and product itself is slightly different. Location contributes to ATI/Malvern’s success. On the edge of the Ouachita Mountains, which contain the Ouachita National Forest, the mill has access to some of the finest, slow-growth, dense, short-leaf pine timber in the world drawn from company, private and U.S. Forest Service ownerships.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

ATI/Malvern has the most advanced equipment available today. Primary breakdown occurs after a log is scanned and directed to our computerized band headrig or small log processing sharpchain. Cants travel downstream to a vertical re-saw or state-of-the-art, optimized, thin-kerf gang saw. All lumber is routed through an optimized trimmer system, where it is “read” and if further processing is needed, directed to a computer-optimized edger. This production flexibility lets us adjust quickly to fill special needs. After sorting, the lumber is dried in one of ATI/Malvern’s three high-temp multi-zone kilns.

Production Of Up To 80 Million Board Feet per Year Premium Products at a Competitive Price

With so much high quality, dense timber in its area, ATI/Malvern can produce up to 90 million board feet/year of premium specialty products such as 5/4 radius-edged decking, 4/4 boards and small timbers with a focus on dense grain, tight knots and with wood texture recognized around the world as “Arkansas Soft Pine.”

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