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High Quality Treated Wood

AWT – Your State-of-the-Art Source for High Quality, Treated Wood

Outdoor Construction Materials Built in 1987, the Anthony Wood Treating (AWT) plant is one of the most modern facilities of its kind in the world.

The central focus of the plant is the Woodtec treating cylinder. The huge, 84-foot, double-doored cylinder can annually treat over 100 million feet of lumber or timbers of any size or length.

Since the AWT facility and its equipment were designed with the latest technology and stringent Environmental Protection Agency guidelines in mind, the plant should be able to treat wood for many years without interruption.

Long Life Pressure Treatment A Virtual “Lifetime Guarantee”

Unlike other treating plants that use creosote or penta as a treating agent, AWT produces high quality “CCA” pressure-treated wood. CCA is a superior, water-borne chemical that, once introduced into the wood, resists leaching and provides a longer lasting product.

Wood treated with CCA should also resist natural and insect decay indefinitely – two more reasons CCA-treated lumber carries a virtual “Lifetime Guarantee”.

Every piece of wood treated by AWT is done so in accordance with standards established by the American Wood Preservers Assiciation (AWPA), under the supervision of Timber Products Inspection (TPI) and core-sampled to ensure proper chemical retention.

A Wide Variety of Treated Wood Products

Being located in the heart of some of the highest quality timber in the world, AWT is surrounded by wood suppliers – including several nearby mills managed by Anthony Timberlands, Inc.

Process Control Because of this, AWT is able to offer a wide variety of products to fit your treated wood needs.

Whether you need standard dimension lumber, 4/4 boards, radius-edged decking, fencing, siding, landscape or other sizes of timbers, we can take care of you. Plus, AWT will provide wood treating services (TSO) for any customers who have their own “white” wood in need of treatment.

Superior Customer Service

Since our plant property has over 7 million board feet of dry storage space, we maintain a substantial inventory of treated wood for the convenience of our customers. And, when supplies get tight, AWT’s sister companies can reach all the way back to the forest to quickly supply your needs.

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