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Whether your IBM mid-range system is a "34", "36" or AS400, it needs data from the outside to operate. With some systems, it is enough to have an operator key this data. For most systems it is becoming increasingly important to get data daily from outside sources. Your computer is a tool which can be taught to gather data from many sources.


Reaching Foreign Systems


Robert's background includes almost 15 years in AT&T. His experience spans Manufacturing, Product Repair, Training and Course Development in the Computer Systems Division. These systems were connected by direct wiring, via phone or Local Area Network (LAN).

By programming, or using the available tools, PC's, Unixware, SCO Openserver and IBM Systems can coexist within a cohesive environment. It is no longer a barrier that the PC line break is different from the UNIX though both speak ASCII. Nor is it important that IBM only speaks EBCDIC. IBM's move toward "open" systems architecture makes data transition from different system types easier than ever before. Having to re-key data is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Time after time we have saved acquisition expenses by creating innovative solutions to move data between different electronic devices. We also know how to move heavily formatted data including ANSI X.12 EDI and other formats.


Bridging the Gap


IBM Systems have traditionally used coax or Twinax depending on the connection. Simply building a custom length cable for these connections could be a challange. Moving a terminal required a specialist to make these cables. It was often necessary to build 2 cables to add a terminal or move an existing terminal. We have done this as required for years. However, there are now solutions using less expensive twisted pair wiring for your next terminal move. Another advantage to using twisted pair wiring is it's reusability when your communication needs change.

Reasonably priced solutions now exist for communication via Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Do not be concerned that you are not a TCP/IP expert, that is our job. UNIX has used TCP/IP heavily for years. PC's running the latest operating systems now offer TCP/IP protocol for LAN and PPP connections. Now IBM's AS/400 systems also provide the ability to communicate at ever increasing speeds on twisted pair using this very reliable protocol.


Large, Media or Small...


Your data may come to you in the form of diskettes or tape. From 3.5", 5 1/4", to 8" diskettes we can help. Maybe you have 53 MB Reel tape or a Cartridge. Our ability to translate this type of data depends on where it came from and where it must go.


How Does This Apply To You?


In the Cotton industry for instance, The need to communicate includes information providers like EWR Inc., PCCA and IDI with receipt storage and forwarding systems. Information transfer providers like GE Net and QRNet are now used to expedite the movement of data for Cotton Approval, Purchase and Shipping information. From the Farmer and his Ginner to the Buyer's and Textile Mills, Electronic data is THE way to go. Especially if you are in a hurry.

When you are ready to send data to other systems, we can design a custom solution to fit your needs!

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