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Robert Butram

Robert Butram went to work for his brother 1991. Prior to that he was an instructor in computers for AT&T and brings a wealth of experience in networking, data porting, translation, Unix scripts and the C language.



HARDWARE Training:

Electronics Design and Troubleshooting (from whence stems his degree) Chip level circuit board repair 8080 & Z80 Microprocessor Assembly Language Western Electric WE32100 Microprocessor (AT&T 3B2 UNIX platform) Teletype / AT&T Terminal Cluster Controllers Card Replacement / Repair Stand Alone Asynchronous Terminals Installation / Repair Uninterruptable Power Supplies 1kVa, 3kVa, 5kVa and 10kVa Installation / Repair AT&T Character Belt Printers Data Products Corporation Printers


SOFTWARE Training:

C Language for UNIX (and PC) Unix Shells (sh, ksh) Informix SQL Local Area Networks (Token Ring 802.2, AT&T StarLAN and Ethernet 802.3) IBM S/36 OCL RPG II

PROTOCOL & Communications Training:

Asynchronous Terminal Communication / Troubleshooting Synchronous Terminal Cluster Controllers IBM Binary Synchronous Protocol IBM SNA / Synchronous Data Link Control Serial Terminal and Modem Wiring


1 1/2 years in Teletype Corporation manufacturing, electro-mechanical finishing work. 1 year Teletype Product Service, Chicago circuit board repair. 6 years Teletype Product service, Memphis. 1 year AT&T Product Service, Chicago, as Central U.S Divisional Trainer. 5+ years AT&T Product Service, Course Developer. Promoted to Development for Terminal products, Computer Systems and Local Area Networks. Developed and delivered "Pan Am Air-One Solution" reservations / ticketing course for Pan Am and AT&T Help desk personnel. Since 1991, Butram System Engineering, Programmer / Consultant. Design interface software and procedures for PC and UNIX to IBM systems. Install and configure IBM System 36 and the new generation IBM Advanced System 36. Reload, upgrade and configure IBM Advanced System 36 to AS/400 including Integrated PC Server (IPCS) and TCP/IP. Design "automatic" cross platform solutions for daily data distribution.


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