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Do you need changes to JD Edwards software or an accounting system which the authors no longer support?

Your Accounting Software

     I was raised with the philosophy that 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'.  However, I also don't keep anything critical around that I can't fix or get fixed.  So, eventhough your accounting software is working right now you may find yourself in a situation where your vendor refuses to work on it anymore.  In this new cyber age they say that the software is deprecated.  I checked my dictionary, which admittedly is almost as old as I am, and didn't find a definition which seems to fit.  So if they deprecate your software, you have to buy a new computer or at least a new set of software.  'Wanna Bet?'  We pick up quite a bit of work in just this situation.  In one case we completely redid the payroll system.  That was fun and I remember the lady responsible for doing the payroll asking me again and again, "Are you sure that's all I have to do?"  We simplified it and made her job a breeze.  Whether it's JD Edwards or some other system, our experience allows us to come in and make any necessary changes.  This allows you to keep your familiar system and reduces training time for your people and the potential for costly bugs.

Dearth of Technical Talent

     There's a wide gap between the number of computer jobs and the number of trained people.  There's an even wider gap in most people's understanding of what these trained people do during their work week.  While employed by large organizations, I found that the 80/20 rule was true, I spent only about 20% of my time on tasks which needed my specialized training.  But, the company paid for 100% of my time and usually tried to fill it with 'other tasks, as assigned'.  I often wondered why they needed me full time and came up with only a few answers which seemed to make sense.  One, I had specific knowledge about their systems and could quickly answer questions or fix problems.  Two, I was one of them and could be relied on to think about the company's interests because they were also mine.  Finally, I was right there if something came up.  Since we at BSE establish long term relationships with our customers we come to know their systems intimately, and we document those systems so others can quickly find what they need.  The second reason is doubly important for consultants because if we don't put the customer's interests first we won't be asked back.  Since our time is accounted for explicitly then it better be making an impact.  As for the last, with remote connections, we can be on line and working as quickly as if we were on site.

     I guess I average about one call per week from an employeer wondering whether I want to work for them full time, as an employee.  I don't know where they get my name or why they call but they never seem to be interested in hiring BSE as a consultant.   That's a real pity, because by hiring us you hire a team, and get four brains for the price of one.  By hiring us, you only pay for work actually performed without benefits, perks or workman's compensation payments.  I suspect that shysters have poisoned the well for honest folks, but we have developed warm relationships with all our long term customers.  We give honest estimates and have a great track record for staying within those estimates.  If you also like to work with honest people on a long term basis, contact us and we'll see what happens.

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