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Are you aware that every AS400 has a database as part of it's basic architecture?

DB2 VS Oracle

     Since 1994, it has been called DB2, and with the number of AS400s on the market it is the most widely distributed, multiuser, relational database system in the world. Is its power working for you?  Or perhaps you wish to migrate to an Oracle database?  Here at BSE we have experience in both areas, but more importantly we have been designing databases in one form or another for over 15 years.  

     Don received his Certificate in Data Processing (CDP) in 1985.  This was one of the earliest certifications in the computer business, and Don claims he never studied but just took the test.  That was because his livelihood depended upon his knowledge in this area, and his knowledge had depth as well as breadth.  His work for commodity brokers honed his skills because it required the construction of databases which were unique to each commodity.  In those days the nomenclature was quite different.  However, the results were the same as you can expect if you hire us to program your database, whether through custom programming or an Oracle or DB2 database.

Customized Database/Accounting Flow Chart

     What is a database?   It is basically a way of arranging all your data so that it can be accessed most efficiently when needed.  In the customized diagram above, various pieces of information come in from the left and are handled by different pieces of the General Ledger accounting system.  The nice thing about this specific layout is that all the business information is integrated, which makes reporting a breeze.  


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