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Don's pictureThe head guy

Don Butram founded Butram System Engineering in 1976 and has been going strong ever since. His real break came when he figured out how to calculate storage for the cotton industry, we now have nine cotton companies as customers.

Robert's pictureSecond in seniority

Robert Butram went to work for his brother back in '91 (oops that's 1991). He was an instructor in computers for AT&T prior to that and brings a wealth of experience in networking, data porting, translation, Unix scripts and the C language.

The Newer GuyDavid's picture

David Wagnon came next. He has a knack for computers and at various time as been a System Administrator on a server, a main frame programmer and an Oracle DBA.

The Mississsippi Connection

The last hire was Mary 'Sissie' Culpepper.   Her years of experience in the cotton industry are invaluable assets to our little family. From her base in Inverness, MS she can go on line anywhere to service our customers.

Don     Robert     David     Sissie

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