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Sissie Culpepper

Mary at Ark. Book Sissie joined Butram System Engineering in 1998. She has worked in a variety of businesses over the years and has gained experience in several programming languages in the process. She is married, with two children, both of whom live in Florida. Her husband is chairman of the Social Sciences and Education Department at Mississippi Delta Community College. Her daughter is a senior attorney for the Florida Public Service Commission in Tallahassee. Her son is an assistant urban planner for Orange County in Orlando. In her spare time Sissie enjoys singing, reading, and traveling.

Sissie earned a BS degree in Mathematics from Mississippi State University. She worked at Bell Labs' Mathematical Analysis and Military Apparatus Laboratory in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where she helped develop missile guidance programs. She worked for IBM as a programmer in theScientific Programming Department of what was then the Federal Systems Division in Huntsville, AL. She was on staff at Mississippi State University Computing Center where she wrote programs to analyze data for graduate students as they worked on their theses. She then spent 18 years as the programmer for a mid-sized cotton company in the Mississippi Delta before joining the staff of Butram System Engineering. This experience in the cotton industry is a valuable asset since many of our customers are in the cotton business.

Sissie is experienced in the Fortran, Assembler, Basic, and RPG programming languages, in EDI and HTML and web page development. She is also experienced in Word, WordPerfect, Lotus and Windows, and has been known to wield a screwdriver and pliers to repair or install equipment. While she lives in Mississippi, she is set up to go online to service customers' programming needs,wherever that customer may be.


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