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Don Butram

Don checking things out

Don graduated from Ouachita Baptist University with a BA in Accounting. After six weeks doing accounting work in his first job, he transferred to programming and immediately worked himself out of a job, for the first but not the last time. After 24 years Butram System Engineering is not only going strong, but growing. That is attributable to Don's view of computers, they're tools which help you run your business. When he goes to work for a company he puts that company's interests first. He doesn't suggest hardware purchases or software changes unless he feels it will boost the company's bottom line. The businesses he works for have discovered that and have come to trust Don's insight and judgment. After all, he's a successful businessman who knows putting the customer's interests first is best for his business in the long run.

Don also believes in giving full service. Although primarily programmers, he believes we should not flinch from running wires and punching them down to help a customer expand. We also part out our selection of older terminals, computers and printers whenever a customer needs something. Don often says that if the customer wants his car washed, we'll do that too. It's that kind of can do spirit which permeates Butram System Engineering and makes us such a hit with our clients. Don is an antique car fancier, driving an Avanti and keeping a Studebaker in the garage. He is also a devoted family man (four children), going so far as to take them on business trips when school is out. Don is a single dad enjoying the busy life with his kids. Frances is facing the age old problem of deciding what she wants to be when she grows up. With her brains, she has a wide variety of choices. Bridget is on the drill team at CAC in North Little Rock. Garland is growing up way too fast, his current interests include Boy Scouts and model rocketry. Little Madison goes to school and and by all accounts just loves it.


23 years owned and managed Butram System Engineering Installed second System 34 in the state of Arkansas Installed first System 36 in the state of Arkansas
B.A. Accounting, Ouachita Baptist University
C.D.P (Certified Data Processor) Vox Calliopist


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