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Customer Relationship Management is the Holy Grail of big business. Could it also help you?

Customer Relationship Management

     After reading about the importance of CRM, it boils down to knowing your customer and treating him like a neighbor, just like it used to be.  That seems kind of quaint, finally a movement to go back to something everyone had a few decades ago.  In global enterprises this is no trivial task, but the large corporations will spend hundreds of millions of dollars on it over the next few years.  Why is that?  They have information on their customers spread over many different departments which don't share data.  This could be because of different computer systems, a department protecting its turf or they just plain don't know how to share.  

     Maybe this describes your situation on a smaller scale.  If you have information on your customers in different systems, or even on the same system but not integrated, we can help.  Your folks are probably fully employed, and may be specialized.  We have the know how to make different systems share information, or to arrange what you have in a manner that allows the most efficient access.  

     Will it help you?  That depends on your business and your plans.  It certainly will make decisions about offering credit or customer bonuses easier.   You can begin to track customer's habits or inventory movement.   It will also help if you have a help or information desk.   The employee answering the phone needs to understand with whom they are dealing.  That employee probably already has a computer on their desk, and a quick connection to your information systems would be a great aid while dealing with a phone call.

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