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Robert Butram

Like all of our staff Robert's history and qualifications cover a broad range.
Robert at WorkAfter more than four decades, Robert has been around the block a few times. His daughters (Laura and Sara) sometimes wonder about all that time in front of a computer. Is it really that much fun?

Cleaning the office is a No-No. "If you will just leave it where I put it, at least I can find it." Spare time can see him actually clean up his car. His stated philosophy on this subject:
"Once a quarter, whether it needs it or not!".

HARDWARE Training:
Electronics Design and Troubleshooting (from whence stems his degree) Chip level circuit board repair 8080 & Z80 Microprocessor Assembly Language Western Electric WE32100 Microprocessor (AT&T 3B2 UNIX platform) Teletype / AT&T Terminal Cluster Controllers Card Replacement / Repair Stand Alone Asynchronous Terminals Installation / Repair Uninterruptable Power Supplies 1kVa, 3kVa, 5kVa and 10kVa Installation / Repair AT&T Character Belt Printers Data Products Corporation Printers
SOFTWARE Training:
C Language for UNIX (and PC) Unix Shells (sh, ksh) Informix SQL Local Area Networks (Token Ring 802.2, AT&T StarLAN and Ethernet 802.3) IBM S/36 OCL IBM RPG II
PROTOCOL & Communications Training:
Asynchronous Terminal Communication / Troubleshooting Synchronous Terminal Cluster Controllers IBM Binary Synchronous Protocol IBM SNA / Synchronous Data Link Control Serial Terminal and Modem Wiring
1 1/2 years in Teletype Corporation manufacturing, electro-mechanical finishing work. Performed final assembly of units with mechanical precision. Electronically tested units for conformance to mechanical performance. 1 year Teletype Product Service, Chicago circuit board repair. Units ranged from Keyboards, Printers to Terminal Cluster Controllers. 6 years Teletype Product service, Memphis. In charge of technicians repairing a new product line. Instrumental in acquainting recent graduates with the product. Developed tests, programs and standards. Facilitated the technician staff's efforts with guidance as required. 1 year AT&T Product Service, Chicago. Central U.S Divisional Trainer. After initial training, delivered 2 week sessions of Protcol testing and diagnostics. Coordinated travel and living for self/students. Arranged equipment and shop bench time when required by course material. 5+ years AT&T Product Service, Course Developer. Promoted to Development for Terminal products, Computer Systems and Local Area Networks. Delivered Course material for Instructors new to the material. Continued to teach basic courses if required. Developed and delivered "Pan Am Air-One Solution" reservations / ticketing course for Pan Am and AT&T Help desk personnel.
Last but certainly not least
Since 1991, Butram System Engineering, Programmer / Consultant. Design, repair and enhance software to the Customer's specifications. As your business expands, your needs change. So do your forms and data requirements. Design interface software and procedures for PC and UNIX to IBM systems. Gather and distribute data for outside systems. Analyze equipment needs. Terminals, PC's and communication equipment. Install and configure IBM System 36 and the new generation IBM Advanced System 36. Reload, upgrade and configure IBM Advanced System 36 to AS/400 including Integrated PC Server (IPCS) and TCP/IP. Connected to building PC and UNIX network for 5250 Terminal emulation and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Design sub-office to Corporate office data keypunch solutions. Your business can cover offices in several cities. Direct connection to your main computer is not always economical. Design "automatic" cross platform solutions for daily data distribution. Your remote locations need updated information to avoid unnecessary delays servicing your customer base. Your End-of-Day procedure can produce this information ready for distribution.


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